Decor tips for your basement

Basement Decor

Most homeowners consider basements as additional living spaces especially if they have sufficient space for habitation. If you decide to transform your basement into a presentable space you will have consider a number of factors.

  • Solid overhead hue

If you have a low ceiling in your basement you can make the best of it by using light paint hues.  Off white is a suitable option and is better than plain white because it has a hint of color in it. Try as much as possible to avoid busy patterns on the ceiling. It makes the space seem even smaller.

  • Bright colors

The normal basement gloom can be done away with by infusing warm colors into the theme of the room. The walls for instance should have rich, light neutral hues which is more inviting and makes the room seem larger.

Basement Remodel Ideas

  • Good flooring

Some of the more suitable flooring options for your basement include ceramic tiles, synthetic tiles and linoleum.  Wood floor are not advisable because of they tend to absorb moisture in basements. You can only use wood if you have a 100% moisture proof basement floor. Ensure that the entire basement has uniform flooring because the consistency makes the space seem larger.

Basement Color Scheme Ideas

Basement Lounge

Basement Concrete Wall Paint Ideas




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