5 Elegant Types of Nightstands

When night finally comes after a long day, nightstands are the only remaining heroes. They provide you an ideal place to place a glass of water, alarm, your inspirational book, and phone. The styles and designs you select for the nightstand should be ideal for the bedroom, contribute to interior d├ęcor and not disturb your sweet sleep. Here are 5 elegant types of nightstands for you to consider.

Strollinni five-Drawer Chest

5 Drawer Chest Nightstand
This nightstand chest brings classical elegance to create a sense of style and romance. It features five tinted drawers designed from solid wood and fitted to open softly and smoothly. The drawers open to large spaces inside for your bedroom items storage. When the silver touch is matched with your beddings and area rugs, the bedroom environment will be truly enthralling.

Aeline three-Drawer Nightstand

Aeline three-Drawer Nightstand

This nightstand is one of the most elegant for your bedroom. It is designed to bring sophistication to your bedroom with a reflective touch, sleek appearance, and multiple functionalities. The acrylic pulls move softly against the appealing silver finish. On the upper part, the nightstand features a mirror for reflection of the beautiful bedroom landscape. You can never go wrong in your bedroom with this stand.

Undredal nightstand

Undredal Nightstand Black

Undredal nightstand is a shiny black model that features two drawers with additional dampers for a slow and soft close. The black drawers make it easy to access your phone without having to get out of the bed. The selection of hardwood makes the stand and bedroom to look natural and become an oasis of comfort and love. Consider placing some lovely flowers on the stand, and fixing your best artwork behind it.

The Milan Nightstand

Milan Nightstand
This is rate among the top nightstands because of its design, choice of materials, and easy match with most bedroom installations. This stand is designed add to a romantic touch of your bedroom. The leather edges and sections with no sharp corners easily shift from the stand to the bed for easy access to everything you place in it.

Arya End Table

Arya End Table
This is an elegant high-end nightstand that features a crossed base with lovely nickel accents. The table is antique inspired and rekindles a twist to ultra modern decor. It features an easy to access drawer for your must read novel, tablet, and any other items you need during the night. You can opt for the colors that match with your bedding.

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