All You Need To Know About Microfiber Material for Furniture

Cooper Microfiber Sofa

There have been many advancements in the use of microfiber for home furniture. Microfiber is a durable, soft and comfortable fabric that is able to hold color well.  These properties make it excellent for use in furniture manufacturing.

What is it made of?

Microfiber consists largely of polyester and sometimes contains nylon.  The fibers of these elements are tightly woven together in an intricate manufacturing process resulting in a soft fabric that is comfortable and quite easy to clean.

Microfiber Couch

Is there any difference between microsuede and microfiber?

Microfiber is actually a general term that refers to materials that are smaller than one denier, which means their strands are thinner than those of silk. This ultimately means that microsuede is a form of microfiber.

Ashley Furniture Microfiber Couch

Is microfiber really stain-resistant?

The truth is microfiber is not completely stain-proof. What happens is that the microfiber strands are so closely knitted together that any liquid that is poured on the material does not seep in but instead beads up, allowing it to be cleaned off easily.

How is microfiber fabric cleaned?

Since it not stain easily microfiber fabric usually stays quite clean.  Dust and crumbs can vacuumed or you can use a small soft brush.  Deep cleaning can be done using products that are specifically designed for microfiber material. Using plain water is not advisable.

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