5 Interesting Colors for your Modern Kitchen

People are becoming more experimental with their kitchens and gone are the days when white was the standard color of choice. Modern kitchens can acquire a life of their own with the right color combinations. Here are a couple of alternative palettes that you can consider for your next kitchen makeover.

Navy Gray

navy gray kitchen color scheme

Gray has an amazing effect that combines elegance with approachability. Navy gray, specifically, is great for kitchen especially if you want to break the monotony of a white kitchen. It may seem a little bit out of the ordinary but with time you’re likely to love it.

Ocean Blue

ocean blue kitchen color scheme

Blue is a very calming color and gives the effect of a peaceful seaside oasis. This color combines well with wood, therefore, wooden accessories are highly recommended. Ocean blue also combines well with white and red if you want a color-block look.

Teresa’s Green

teresa green kitchen color scheme

This is a pale green that is sometimes referred to as jade green or celadon green. This color complements other hues well and combines well with cool colors. To get the best final look ensure that the paint is applied with bold strokes. It’s hard to go wrong with this color in your kitchen.

Dark Chocolate

chocolate brown kitchen color scheme

If you want a great alternative to black, this would be the best option. To ensure that there is some balance, you could use contrasting colors to counter the dark color. For instance, you could go for white marble countertops or paint the cabinets interior white.


mercury kitchen color scheme

This is a pale medium gray that would look great for both vintage and contemporary style kitchens. The color can be complemented well with marble, stainless steel or nickel accessories.

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