Affordable kitchen remodel ideas


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It is possible to add function and elegance to your kitchen by making some alterations. These kitchen remodel ideas will give your kitchen a much needed upgrade without necessarily digging deep into your pockets.

Open shelves

If you are tired of your bland overhead kitchen cabinets, you could remove them and install open shelves. Cabinets take up a lot of space and opting for open shelves with add more space and light to the kitchen area. There are many kitchen remodel ideas for the open shelf panels including granite, marble and wood.  Open shelves offer almost the same amount of storage space as overhead cabinets without overcrowding the space.

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Updating accessories

One of the most cost effective kitchen remodel ideas is the replacement of certain kitchen fixtures.  For instance you can decide to replace all the door and cabinet handles with fancier alternatives.  You could also decide to upgrade the lighting fixtures with more modern units.  This will add elegance without costing a fortune.  The installation process is also simple and can be easily handled by DIY enthusiasts.

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Ceiling upgrade

In many cases the ceiling is ignored and is hardly considered for remodeling. Adding a different color paint or adding textured gypsum ceiling material can definitely add the esthetic value of a kitchen. Ceiling tiles can also be installed with amazing results.

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Wall tiling

Yet another example of simple kitchen remodel ideas is the installation of new wall tiles. The tiles come in various colors and textures therefore there is a wide range to choose from. It is also possible to experiment with different tile structures for instance backsplash splash beveled tiles are quite elegant and unique for a kitchen setting.

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Changing counter tops

Kitchen counter tops are among the most used surfaces and it is possible to give the whole space a new look by simply replacing the counter surfaces. For instance if you previously had wooden surfaces, it would be ideal to consider changing to granite or marble surfaces. The offer much needed elegance and are also very durable.

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