A buying guide for decorative candles

Floating Candles

Home decorating is a personal activity and involves your individual expression of imagination and creativity.  A great way of adding a personal touch to your home is by placing decorative candles in specific areas.  Prior to purchasing the candles, there are several things that should be considered. First you need to know which types of candles are available.

  • Woodwick candles

These candles have wooden wicks and they usually make a crackling sound as they burn which can be rather relaxing

Woodwick Candles

  • Pillar candles

These are large candles that are suitable for your mantelpiece.  You could consider the scented variety for a nice fragrance.

Pillar Candles

  • Floating candles

These are great for your bathtub or can be used in a swimming pool.

Floating Candles

  • Jar candles

These candles come conveniently packed in a jar and are ideal for households with children. They also come in various colors and sizes.

Jar Candles

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