What to Consider When Buying a Bathroom Mirror

lighthouse bathroom mirror

There are a number of elements that contribute to a well-organized and designed bathroom. The mirror is an essential element of any bathroom because it is both functional as well as a design accessory.  If you want a great looking bathroom, you should consider some aspects before purchasing the right mirror.


This is a logical aspect because the mirror that you choose should be able to fit in well in your bathroom.  The mirror should have the right dimensions so that it does not dominate or underwhelm the overall décor. It is advisable to identify the space where the mirror will be placed and measure the area for a perfect fit.

large bathroom mirror

Physical Assessment

Despite that fact that it is much more convenient to shop online, it is advisable to visit an offline shop and look at the mirrors and assess them in person. This will allow you to have a good look at the mirrors on offer and find the exact one that will fit all your preferences.


The type of lighting fixtures that you use for your bathroom should complement your mirror. You may actually consider fixing some task lighting close to the mirror to make reflections clearer.

square lit bathroom mirror


Try as match as possible to ensure that the bathroom accessories fit in the mirror design. You may decide to either go for a matching look or a contrasting look.

stylish black framed mirror

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