Adding Some Style to a Bland Kitchen

Your current kitchen may not be the most vibrant and you’re thinking of ways to spice it up a little bit. So how would you go about it?


contrasting kitchen wall colors

Creating some divergence in the design is a great way of adding some vibrancy.  For instance, you could install a white decal design on a gray cabinet just to create a pop of color and style. If you prefer to maintain clean, crisp lines you can still add a bit of color contrasts to different areas.

Add Color

colorful kitchen

It is rather obvious that color brings in much-needed vibrancy to any space.  If your kitchen is very bland, you just need to add some splashes of color. You could add some colorful wall art, wallpaper, or add some wall paint accents to brighten up the space. Fun, warm colors like orange and yellow are great because they add some energy and also blend in well with other colors.

Reduce Grays

simple kitchen design

Too much use of gray can make a color scheme quite dull. The advantage of gray is that it contrasts well with other colors and can be downplayed by introducing contrasting colors.

Simple Designs

basic design for kitchen

Minimalistic designs are trendy and have a classy appeal.  For instance, modern shaker cabinets have a timeless appeal that fits in well in modern homes.


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