4 DIY Ideas to Improve your Home Interior

vintage suitcase side table
Sometimes you do not need a professional interior designer to help improve your interior décor. With just a little ingenuity and drive, you can come up with impressive self-made or repurposed fixtures that are just as good as anything you would buy from a furniture store. In addition to improving your décor, these DIY projects also give you a sense of satisfaction, which is quite an ego boost, don’t you think? Check out a couple of ideas that you could replicate for your home.

Shutter Side Table

rustic window shutter side table

If you have old window shutters, instead of throwing them away, you could simply clean them and use them to make a small trendy side table.  If you prefer a rustic look you could use the shutter panels as they are but if you prefer a finer finish you can give the side table a coat of paint,

Suitcase Table

DIY suitcase table

If you have any vintage suitcases in your home you will agree that have quite some flair to it. If you’ve been wondering what to do with your old suitcases, well, they could be turned into small multi-purpose tables. Use your DIY skills to attach four legs to each suitcase and voila! You have a small table complete with internal storage.

Print-Out Wall Art

DIY photograph art

Who says you have to visit a gallery to acquire a great piece of art.  With some basic photo editing or computer graphics skills, you could easily design your preferred piece of artwork and simply print it out. Thereafter you can make a simple frame and mount the work of art on it.

Patterned Chest of Drawers

wall papered chest of drawers

If you have a plain chest of drawers that you want to upgrade, the simplest way is to adorn it in some eye-catching patterns.  All you have to do is purchase your preferred design of wallpaper and carefully install it around the chest of drawers.

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