Adorable Iconic Furniture Design Adapts Black and White Color

Astounding Family Space Design of Apartment Minimalist Andreja Bujevac with Rectangular Shape of Glass Table and Black Sofa

People; do not hesitate to beautify your residence with the iconic furniture design because it can make your interior design looks so adorable and may attract the attention of every guest that comes to your living space. The ArhitekturaBudjevac has renovated an apartment by implementing this smart room decorating ideas. Painted the space wall with the dark gray hue, the architect then plays the black and white color for the furniture application.

For the imaginative room orientation, you can see the guest room. This main hall is decorated with the minimalist solid black leather sectional sofa, ergonomic chaise lounge and white hanging chair with black pad and cushion. The architect also completes this area with a special studying or working spot at the corner of the room and then furnished it with the glass rectangle desk and stylish chair with stainless steel legs. All of this iconic modern furniture design is able to enliven the mood of this family gathering space.

Awesome Living Space Design of Apartment Minimalist Andreja Bujevac with White Colored Wooden Stool and Several Black Home Theater

This room is also integrated with the dining spot. It is arranged right beside the chaise lounge by only displaying the swivel dining desk with glass countertop and artistic white ant chairs. To make the space looks brighter, there is part of the room wall that is painted with snow white color. After that, the architect installs the modern pendant lamp on the ceiling and LED lighting close to the TV displaying area.

Breathtaking Room Space Design of Apartment Minimalist Andreja Bujevac with White Colored Wooden Shelf and Black Metallic Pillar

You can open the sleek curtain in the day time to get a brighter nuance, anyway. This way also will help you to reduce the utilization of lamp so it can save the energy for sure. By the way, you are able to enjoy your favorite movies in different spot at this space. The entire modern furniture designs for living room applied on this apartment may deliver you the top level of homey feeling.

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