Advantages and Disadvantage of buying a Replica Nautical Globe Bar

Replica Globe Bar

If you’re a fan of classic Victorian home decor you probably own or are thinking about getting a replica nautical globe complete with the 17th century terrestrial maps. Some ingenious designer decided that these nautical globes could be turned into little home bars and the idea continues to spread like wildfire. These globe bars are the true definition of design and function all rolled into one. So, here are some pros and cons of getting yourself one of these rustic fixtures for your home.

Nautical Globe Meridian Bar


  • Servers and aesthetic and functional purpose

  • It convertible structure is very practical

  • It is a great item to give someone as a gift

  • it is quite portable


  • Unfortunately, many replicas are made for the mass market which means that the quality of the product may not always be up to par

  • If you’re a stickler for detail you will find that most of the maps are not accurate

  • Some globe bar replicas do not have sufficient space to accommodate and are less practical than standard drink cabinets

16th Century Italian Replica Globe

Single Leg Nautical Globe Bar

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