All you need to know about steam showers

State of the Art Steam Shower

Steam showers are strongly rooted in tradition. The desire for body cleansing using steam traces back to the Bronze Age when public baths became popular. The contemporary alternative to public steam baths is the steam shower, that comes in many great designs that are truly enthralling.

The concept of steam shower
Though the steam bath concept was meant for social areas, modern designs have been customized to suit the home setting. There are smaller units for your home as well as larger designs for establishments such as resorts, spas and luxury hotels.
The water is heated to the desirable temperature by a small generator embedded in the shower system.

Major benefits of installing a steam shower

  • This is one of the greatest rituals for relaxation, exhilaration, stimulation and rejuvenation.
  • Warm moisture helps to open body pores and making skin more supple. The steam will also nourish the skin to give you a healthy glow and boost metabolism.
  • If you use a steam shower every day, it serves as a natural detox to give you total tranquility and wellness.

Custom Steam Shower

Selecting a great steam shower
Are you looking for a great steam shower to fix in your home, gym, spa or hotel? Here are some useful tips to consider.

  • Select the right generator that is easy to control and able to heat water without interruptions
  • Buy the model that has led indicators for good environmental controls
  • Look for a steam shower with a stainless steel design for longer lifespan
  • Select a steam shower that matches with other house decor designs
  • Go for a model that is easy to install and maintain

Ariel Platinum Steam Shower

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