A Guide to Layered Bathroom Lighting for Optimum Illumination

Adorable White Armature shaped Cube on White Wall Paint for Massive Bathroom Lighting

A proper massive bathroom lighting plan will make it easier for you to transition from sleep to awake and ease you into your everyday morning routines. A single light fixture is usually not sufficient for your bathroom lighting. To guarantee sufficient illumination you need to provide three basic layers of lighting: ambient, accent, and task. It also makes bathroom lighting not only about function as it can enhance the beauty of any space.

Fabulous Round Lamp on Simple White Ceiling Wall fit to Massive Bathroom Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the base layer to brighten the whole space and allow you move about in the bathroom safely. The bathroom lighting fixtures mounted on ceilings often function as a source of ambient lighting. As for task lighting, this form of lighting sheds light only on specific areas, and can be useful for activitied such as showering and shaving. Bathroom vanity lighting is one of example of task lighting in bathrooms. On the other hand, accent lighting is used to highlight certain elements of your bathroom interior that you wish to show off, such as a beautiful glass bowl, vanity sink or intricate tile work.

Gorgeous Massive Bathroom Lighting with Square Mirror plus Unique Sink side Simple Closet

When planning for vanity lighting, shadow-free lighting is a must so you can do the activities more conveniently without distraction. For side lighting, it’s recommended that you use the equivalent of 75 watts of incandescent lighting on each side of your vanity mirror. Mount fixtures a few inches to the right and the left of the mirror, as close as possible to your face if the mirror is centered over the sink. It is the best to minimize shadows.

Massive Bathroom Lighting with Simple White Armature shaped Cone and Black Lamp Holder

But if side lighting isn’t possible, overhead lighting such as a horizontal bar with multiple lights above the mirror can do. Ideally, the light fixture for this overhead bathroom lighting fixtures ideas must provide the equivalent of 150 watts and be long enough so the light can be spread over your face evenly.

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