Amazing Ultra Modern House for Spacious and Stylish Look of Your Home

Captivating Hawthorn Residence Canny Design Interior in Kitchen and Dining Space with Minimalist Modern White Furniture Ideas

If you want your house to look simple and stylish, you should consider the design of ultra modern house. It looks a little bit old fashioned from the outside, with grey color and wood panels in each window. However, when you enter the house, you can’t deny its modern style that looks so obvious in each room.

The living room, kitchen, and both indoor and outdoor dining area face the swimming pool with the help of glass walls. All of these rooms highlight the modern style with their simple design and colors of the furniture. The living room has a set of sofa in black and white stripes, and also a black shelf for TV set and books. The indoor dining area has an all white set of table and chairs, and so does the kitchen. It only has a splash of black on the kitchen bar and oven. Take a look at the ultra modern house designs on the internet for some inspiration.

Comfortable Hawthorn Residence Canny Design in Outdoor Space Completed with Minimalist Contemporary Furniture Ideas

With the right lighting, the swimming pool area spreads a romantic blue ambiance at night. It goes perfectly with the modern style of the rooms surrounding, which only have a plain white light. The arrangement of the rooms which has no border and facing each other makes them look spacious. This is also the main characteristic of modern style.

Cool Hawthorn Residence Canny Design in Outdoor Space Used Modern Small Pool House Decoration Ideas

The ultra modern style of this house is highlighted by an open room with unusual form just across the swimming pool. It has half circle shape, and is covered mostly by glass wall to protect the interior from the wind and rain. It makes a great spot for relaxing, with the best view of the swimming pool. To make it more comfortable, you can add a rug and cushions. Check out some examples of ultra modern house plans on the websites to get some more inspiration.

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