Antique clock designs for your home

Rosewood Drop Dial Clock

Vintage clocks are the perfect way of adding some vibrancy to your homes interior.  Besides being functional items, they play a role in enhancing the theme of the home.  Clocks have also become collectibles and can be used to create focal points within a particular space.  There are a wide variety of antique style clocks to choose from ranging from beautiful hand-made pieces to elegant factory made varieties. Below are some vintage style clocks that you could consider for your home.

  • Vienna wall clock

This is a beautiful hand-crafted wall clock that is very appealing to the eye.  It usually is fitted with a relatively long pendulum which swings from side to side.  This type of clocks are said to have originated from Austria however, there are variations that have been influenced by German, French and English culture.

Vienna Clock

  • Cuckoo clock

This type of clock first emerged in Germany and had an in-built cuckoo bird that emerged to announce the top of the hour.

Cuckoo Clock

  • Norwich wall clock

This type of clock is similar to the grandfather clock though it is relatively smaller in size.  The Norwich clock is encased in a wooden enclosure which is usually made of high-end wood.

Norwich Clock

  • Drop dial

This is a round-faced clock that is often fitted with a pendulum mechanism that may or may not be visible.

Drop Dial Watch


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