Lighting Ideas for Halls and Foyers

   Small Foyer Pendant Lighting

The foyer or hallway is normally the first place that guests will see when they enter your home. As such, it is extremely important to make a good first impression by ensuring that the space is not only neat but also well lit. First and foremost, the lighting needs to be inviting and this requires warm lighting. Hallways or foyers do need require very elaborate lighting therefore soft lighting is the ideals way to go.

Hall Chandelier

Foyers and hallways are normally darker that other areas because they often do not have access to natural light from windows. This is another reason why they require adequate lighting.

For safety, the lights are supposed to be installed 2-3 meters apart.  It is also advisable to have switches at opposite ends for convenience as well as safety.  As mentioned earlier, hallways and foyers do not require bright lights therefore it is harsh lighting is not recommended.

Wall scones and overhead lights are the most commonly used fixtures for hallways and foyers however you could choose from a variety of lighting options based on your particular preference.

Soft Hallway Lighting


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