Amazing Apartment Ideas with Open Floor Plan

Lavish Vintage Studio Apartment Ideas with Eclectic Sofa and Ottoman Closed by Brown Storage

If you are looking for studio apartment ideas to inspire you, you surely have come to the right place Today we will take you through some interesting small studio apartment interior ideas that feature open floor plans. The open plan is always a great choice when it comes to designing small homes since it creates a spacious feel that makes small spaces appear larger than they actually are.

Personable Studio Apartment Ideas Showing Wooden Dining Table and Bright Mattress Freshed by Planters

When you decide to stick with open plan for the interior design studio apartment ideas, you will find the simplest way to do so is by combining the bedroom and living area. For instance take a look at this small but airy studio apartment above. The cozy bed is visible from the living room and this arrangement still maintains the spacious appearance of the living space, which is also accentuated by its creamy white interior color and plenty of natural light.

This modern elegant studio apartment in the image below is a great example of how small living place can embrace a luxurious ambiance. We simply adore the modern Japanese-inspired bedroom that opens to the cozy living room. As we all know, both modern and Japanese design styles are remarkable for their ability to incorporate minimalism in their style. By keeping the small space uncluttered, living in this studio apartment is simply a pleasure.

Pretty Queen Bed Design with Black Leather Couch Enlightened by Floating Lamp at Studio Apartment Ideas

Even if you are not interested in the idea of having your bedroom visible for everyone to see, it doesn’t mean you have no options to create privacy. Even without taking up too much space, you can still find many cool and space-saving ways to decorate studio apartment. For instance, you may refer to interior design ideas for small studio apartments that feature the use of ceiling curtains or freestanding bookcases as space dividers.


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