Suitable Bathroom Designs for Small Bathroom Makeover

Simple bathroom in Minimalist Layout Designed in the most practical design for simple lifestyle

When executing a renovation plan, many people have to consider bathroom designs for small bathrooms. In such cases you’ll  need ideas on how to use space effectively  and still have functional fixtures. However, we also need to maintain an elegant look so that the bathroom is inviting. For a spa-themed bathroom, a whit e theme is recommended. You could balance out the theme by including some contrasting dark colors.

Natural Ideas Used in Small Interior Having Pebble as the Shower Room Flooring

Maintaining a monochromatic bathroom theme is a great look for a small bathroom makeover especially if the bathroom is narrow. A dark grey tile floor can be matched well with lighter colored fixtures.

Grey and Green Colored Bathroom with Small Shower Room Having Green Wall Decal

French styled bathrooms often have additional accessories such as antique porcelains. Meanwhile, a cozy bathroom in white has strong character giving off a contemporary elegance. White fixtures in a bathroom help in creating a brighter interior.

Dark colored modern bathroom with mounted sink and and dark framed wall mirror



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