Luxurious Family House Designs of Chalet in Wooden Washed Structure

Contemporary Architecture of the Chalet K2 Courchevel with Wooden Wall and Wide Glass Windows near Sky Field

This stunning lavish chalet which is named Chalet K2 was formed based on brilliant family house designs with a combination of contemporary and traditional features. Wooden washed structure of this beautiful chalet appears as a contemporary feature which embraces some rustic elements such as vigorous concrete stone wall. Both exterior and interior decoration were developed with high quality materials. For the furniture arrangement, each room within this chalet has finest modern furniture, along with some lovely accessories.

Primarily, the chalet has a very elegant integrated communal space. The living room was set with lovely grey sectional sofa, white coffee table and some wooden washed cabinets. Then, based on well constructed family house design ideas, the dining room and the kitchen also emerge absolutely modish. Blonde wooden floor was added as the companion for the concrete stone wall. Some vigorous wooden beams on the ceiling apparently create more charismatic aura. For the dining room, wooden furniture appears as the best part of it. And the kitchen itself has a very alluring minimalist style with blonde wooden countertop and some modern pendant lamps.

Fascinating Bedroom with Wide Bed and Red Chairs near Black Chair inside the Chalet K2 Courchevel

The chalet was also completed with some elegant bedrooms. Each bedroom appears with lavish decoration. Monochromatic hues such as white, grey and black become the main background of these bedrooms. Then some bright palettes were appeared as a hint through some features such as bedcover, accessories, other furniture, pillows cushion and so on. Furthermore, each bedroom also has modern bathroom with full high class equipment. The owner and their guest will get the most relaxing high class living experience within this expensive mountain villa.

Gorgeous Red Details in the Chalet K2 Courchevel with Open Floor Plan and Grey Wooden Ceiling

In the end, if you adore luxurious retreat, this residence will hypnotize you through its impressive features. Start from its wooden washed structure, glazing, rustic concrete stone wall, and luxurious furniture arrangement for each room. Thus, this decoration example basically could be cited as one of the most affecting prototypes of family home design ideas, which appears as an inspiring reference for anyone who wants to build a private chalet.

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