Chic Bathroom Wall Shelving Ideas for Cleaner Bathroom Interior

Minimalist Black Bathroom Wall Shelving Ideas above Simple White Bathtub and Modern Bathtub Faucet

These bathroom wall shelving ideas can inspire you to give your bathroom interior a makeover, guaranteeing you a cleaner and more chic appearance. Small bathrooms need bathroom components just like the others. Unfortunately  most small spaces are restrictive and hardly allow additional bathroom elements. This can be solved with the help of space saving equipment such as mounted shelving.  The mounted shelves designs are often done in white which gives a sleek look.

Bright color colors are usually more suited for a small bathroom wall shelf. White, cream and other neutral colors like light grey are the minimalist colors that offer a clean appearance and also help in making spaces look more spacious. The mounted shelves can be placed on any side of the bathroom wall, even above the closet.  Painted wood supports the minimalist concept since it gives a natural accent to the bathroom interior. Use lighter colored wood for the shelving units. Match them with bright colored components like white shower curtains or white bathroom wall.

Simple Bathroom Wall Shelving Ideas in White Color on Blue Wall beside Unique Curtain

For more accents, add simple decoration such as flowers in a vase.  If you want, the wardrobe can also have a mounted structure design too. The wooden wardrobe will save space by mounting it right beside the shelving units.

In order to vary the color scheme, light green paint would suit the bathroom walls. Vintage paintings can also cheer the room up without making it too busy. The bathroom mirror would look great without frames. Don’t hesitate to place a large vanity, however, the vanity should be simple. Vanity storage solutions also come in various styles and they often have practical features.

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