Colors And What They Mean For Your Space

When you get ready to paint your new home, or new baby’s room, you might want to think about the feelings and emotions that your color choice might invoke. You may be surprised to learn that colors have a direct effect on your mood, your energy level, your ability to sleep, and even your appetite. It is not unusual to find that when you change the color of your child’s room they seem to act differently. So now let’s take this room by room and examine the colors you might want to try and what colors may be best to avoid.

Your Front Room or Entrance Way

The thing that guests see first is what they will feel about your house overall. If it is cluttered or bare your home may feel cluttered or bare. You might want to try a red color in these areas. Red invokes excitement. It tends to get people talkative. Too redmuch red, on the other hand, can make you angry and aggravated. Do an accent wall to highlight the red without letting it overpower the space. Avoid Black. It closes the room in, making it feel dark and uninviting.

Your Kitchen

Try brown in your kitchen. It is a warm color that will make the space feel inviting and cozy. It will make guests feel welcome and at home. This is a sbrownpot where you want to avoid the color red and blue. Red will make you feel agitated and blue is too calming for a kitchen. Orange is optional but remember it stimulates the appetite so if you are on a diet, you may want to avoid it.

Your Living Space

You may want to try brown to carry that cozy feeling over from your kitchen. You want to avoid yellow because it can invoke feeling of frustration. This is a space where you want to feel comfortable and at home. White will make it feel airy and open, but it can also make it feel empty.

Your Bathroom

If you want a spa like experience go with the greens and blues. They are relaxing and calming. It can help you to feel reenergized. You may want to avoid bright colors because you will find Colors And What They Mean For Your Spacethat instead starting or ending the day energized and awake you feel frustrated or overstimulated.

Your Bedroom

Go for the color of royalty. Purple can make your space feel luxurious without a lot of work. It will make you feel pampered and well relaxed. Avoid pink because it will invoke memoriespurple and create dreamscapes less than ideal. Other great color choices for a bedroom: Blues, greens, and browns. These are relaxing and cozy feeling colors.

No matter how you choose to set up your home, don’t shy away from color. Even if you don’t make it your whole room color, you can go for accent color walls. This will make your home feel like your own space and create a feeling of home, even if it is just a temporary place.



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