Things to consider when picking the right crystal chandelier


Back in the middle ages chandeliers were only found in special venues and were constructed with metal or wood components and used candles for the lighting.  Today, chandeliers are a common sight in homes and they come in various designs and materials.  Among the most appealing are the crystal chandeliers which come in elegant designs that can add charm to your home.  So what are some of the things to consider before purchasing a chandelier?

  • Room dimensions

Crystal chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling and depending on the particular model they may occupy a lot of ceiling space. It is therefore important to endure that the room where the chandelier is being installed has a high ceiling. The room should also be sizable enough so that the chandelier is proportional to the space within the room.

  • Design

Crystal chandeliers come in all manner of shapes and motif themes.  From ball shaped crystals to multi-tiered crystal layers, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try as much as possible to ensure that he piece you choose fits in with the design theme of the room.


  • Furnishings

The color scheme of a room should co-ordinate with the type of crystal chandelier in order to maintain a pleasant ambience.  Other furnishings that should complement the chandeliers include carpets, sofas and other accessories.

  • Light requirements

Chandeliers are fundamentally lighting fixtures and should therefore be able to provide the right amount of light required within a given space. The type of chandelier that you choose should be one that provides the right amount of light intensity.

  • Maintenance

Crystal chandeliers are quite delicate and when purchasing one you should consider how you will maintain them.  Issues such as cleaning and replacement/fixing of fixtures should be thought about well in advance.



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