What to Look Out for before Buying a Doormat

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There are hundreds, thousands or even millions of doormats to choose from but not all of them will necessarily fit your preference or theme. If you aren’t sure what to consider before buying your door mats, here are a couple of valuable pointers.


You may think that doormats come in one-size-fits-all sizes but you actually need to know your preferred size before making a purchase. You may have to measure the area where you want to place the mat before making any purchase so that you are sure that the one you choose will fit perfectly.

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For many people, price is the main determinant when purchasing a doormat. Unfortunately, the price of the mats often gives you a clue of the quality. Rather than just looking at the price, it is important to find out the type of material and ensure that it is durable enough.



You definitely do not want a drab looking doormat.  You also want the mat to be welcoming to guest so ensure that you choose a vibrant design that suits your decor.


Cassette Tape Welcome Doormat

Wear and Tear

Since doormats are subject to the effects of regular foot traffic it is important to ensure that the material you pick is able to withstand constant use. Make sure you go for stain proof, mold resistant material that will also not easily fray.


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Some varieties of doormats may be good to look at but tend to slip and slide. This is not only annoying but it could also be a fall hazard.
We hope these few tips will help you when you go out to purchase the suitable doormats for your home.


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