What to Consider when Purchasing Slip Covers for your Couch

A simple way of giving your couch a new look without spending too much is to buy a slip cover. Here are some basic tips that you need to mull over before making your final choice.


Using a tape measure, you need to record all the dimensions of your couch.  While measuring, make sure you leave some allowance to ensure a snug fit.

measurement for slip cover


Slip covers may be either be fully fitted or placed flat like bed sheets.  Flat slipcovers can easily be draped on a couch and tucked for a great look.  Fitted slip covers, on the other hand, come with pockets where the back and arm rests are slipped into.  The style you choose depends on your personal preference.

flat slip covers



Slip covers for couches are made in various fiber blends.  It’s important to choose fabric that is durable, easy to maintain and pleasing to the eye.

loose fit slip cover

Color and Patterns

There is plenty to choose from in terms of hues, shades and patterns. From solid bold color to stripes and prints, there options are varied.

printed slip cover


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