4 Plants that can improve the Ambience of your Home

Greenery has naturally therapeutic properties and you can greatly improve your home interior with some special plants. Selected natural foliage has been found to help in creating positive energy and helping maintain good moods for the occupants.  Check out this brief list of  plants  that you should consider for your home.


potted basil plant

This plant is commonly used as a culinary herb but it is said to have some therapeutic effect when placed around a home. The plant also has a sweet scent which is an added plus.


geranium plant

 These richly colored flowers have a way of cheering up any room and they have a slight resemblance to the ever-pleasant roses.  Geraniums also give off a great scent. These flowers can definitely enhance your peace of mind.

English Ivy

potted english ivy

This is an easy-to-maintain plant that naturally cleans the air. If you have a couple of these around your home you can be assured of fresh air throughout.

Boston fern

boston fern

Just like English Ivy, this plant has cleansing properties that help in filtering the air.  Studies have actually revealed that the plant is able to expel close to 2000 toxins every hour.

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