Creative DIY ottoman ideas

DIY Old Suitcase Ottoman

Ottomans are very stylish and they have multiple uses.  When you’re planning your interior home decor you can use ottomans in various ways which will make your home more vibrant. The best thing about this is that you can use other furniture around the home to come up with great DIY ottoman ideas.

  • Coffee table ottoman

CoffeeTable ottoman

Unused or old coffee tables can be customized and transformed into ottomans.  This is not a very difficult process because the coffee table already has a table top and legs which can simply be upholstered and turned into a beautiful piece of furniture. If you are a Do-it-yourself enthusiast you could do the upholstering yourself or if not you could get an expert to it.

  • Ottoman bookshelf

If you have a small shelf you can have the top upholstered and still have storage for books at the bottom.  This is a great way of adding value to a piece of furniture.

Book Shelf Ottoman

  • Storage chest ottoman

If you have an old chest you can turn it into a functional ottoman with a little creativity.

Storage Chest Ottoman

  • Suitcase ottoman

You can turn an old suitcase into a functional and elegant ottoman by adding cushioning at the top and adding some legs.

DIY Old Suitcase Ottoman

  • Wine crate ottoman

If you’re looking for a rustic look you can turn a used wine crate into an elegant looking ottoman.

Wine Crate Ottoman


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