Creative Unusual Home Design for a Unique Minimalist Look

Chic Quarry Street House Marina Rubina Design Interior in Dining Room Used Wooden Furniture in Contemporary Style

If you want to save some space in your house for creativity, this idea of unusual home design might be appealing. From the outside, this house looks similar with other houses in the surrounding area. Its external wall is clad with grey zinc panels, with large glass window here and there. The back of the house has more glass walls facing the seating area in the backyard. The wooden walk board creates some space of playground for the kids.

Comfortable Quarry Street House Marina Rubina Design in Outdoor Space with Minimalist Contemporary Outdoor Furniture

The interior of the house is dominated by white and light brown wooden panels, creating a minimalist look that makes the rooms feel spacious. There are some splashes of bold colors for the accents, like dark blue carpet and red chair in the children’s area, or maroon and orange painting in the living room. Dark brown furniture and door frame are also used in some rooms. However, the house looks like want to maintain the minimalist theme. You can check out some examples of unusual home design plans for inspiration.

The design of the furniture is kept as simple as possible to maintain the same theme. However, what makes the house unusual is the shape and design of some elements in the rooms. The railing of the stairs, for example, is not flat and square as normal wall, but has a unique geometric shape that looks like being cut from the original square shape. The same kind of shape that looks like a diamond is also used for the lamp and decorative chair.

Cool Quarry Street House Marina Rubina Design Interior in Bedroom Space with Minimalist Modern Furniture Decoration Ideas

For a visitor, exploring this house for the first time may be fascinating because of the unpredictable decorative items in the room. He or she may be surprised to see one of the walls, just beside the stairs, looks like being cut by a giant knife until it splits up. If the examples of the house sound good for you, check out the unusual house design plans for further ideas.

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