Custom vs. Stock cabinets – What You Need to Know

Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

When you think of remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important aspects to consider is cabinetry.  The design and functionality of cabinets vary and the dilemma that many people have is whether to go for custom made or stock cabinets. Both these types of cabinets have their benefits and it’s up to you to decide what suits your preferences.  Some of the features of custom made cabinets include the following:

  • The drawers are usually fixed with silent hinges for a soft closing mechanism.
  • Corner shelves are not a problem to build
  • Cabinets can be built according to specific utensil size
  • They could include ornate crown molding
  • Accessories such as pulls and knobs can be customized

custom brown cabinets

Custom Made Cabinets

These are cabinets that are made to suit specific requirements and they are made-to-order.  The obvious advantage of these kinds of cabinets is that you are able to determine the exact finish, design, texture and other aspects. The cabinets can also be fitted in spaces that may not be able to accommodate stock cabinets.  For instance, you could fit them in odd spaces like on curved or angular walls. These cabinets can also be made to accommodate specific items such as large pots and pans.  The main drawback of custom cabinets is that they can be quite expensive

elegant custom white cabinets

 Stock Cabinets

These are cabinets that are built on a large scale and are not made to measure. In most cases, they are just ordered from a brochure and are installed as they are seen in sales material. Here are a couple of features of stock cabinets:

  • They usually come already assembled
  • They often have standard dimensions
  • Most stock cabinets are made of particle boards
  • Most of the hardware use dis standardized

Most stock cabinets are affordable and can be delivered in a short period of time. There are also a wide range of finishes to choose from. The main drawbacks are that they can limit your styling options, they have shorter lifespans and they often cannot be refinished.

white stock cabinets

white custom kitchen cabinets

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