Dazzling White Interior Design in a Modern House to Expand Spaces

Appealing Room Space Design of Bayside House with Light Brown Colored Table which is Made from Wood and Bright White Ceiling Lamps

A bayside house in New York, US has a perfect white interior design that you may try now. The Grzywinski+Pons completed this project and simply named in with the Bayside Residence. Not only ocean, this house is also supported by green environments all over around. It has only simple architectural looks in brown patterned walls. Those walls are combined with some glassed windows to help you enjoy the scenery from inside the house. Let’s take a walk more.

There is a part of the lowest level that has a big foldable wall. Yes, the wall is made from glassed windows with foldable frames. The living room is seen from here within the white interior design ideas. Those transparent walls also help you to enjoy the view of the garden and swimming pool easily. Near the indoor pool, a white kitchen is provided. The ceiling, walls, and floor there are white. Just like the modern kitchen cabinetry, this is also painted in white and supported by well equipment. As the center of the room is a rectangular wooden table.

Astonishing Side Space Design of Bayside House with Soft Grey Colored Wall which is Made from Concrete and White Colored Lighting

Another site of the house provides you another contemporary kitchen. White ceiling and wooden floor there is combined perfectly. A transparent wall enlightens the room automatically. The touches of black wall and white cabinetry there is no less interesting. Wooden kitchen island in the middle of the room is supported with built-in sink and range. Don’t you think this is good?

Astounding Sideyard Design of Bayside House with White Colored Wall which is Made from Concrete Blocks and Bright White Ceiling Lamp

If you want to apply some colorful touches inside your daughter’s room, maybe you can try this concept. Even though this bedroom is all-white, there is a red pillow available on the white bedding. And on the white walls here, uncountable colorful polkas are decorating the bedroom’s appearance. You can change the colorful polkas with some other stickers that your daughter likes. And for your bedroom, black and white interior design ideas with simple theme maybe perfect to be applied.

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