Delicate Apartment Interior Design with Pale Hues and Movable Walls

Cozy Living Room in Fertility Design with Fluffy Sofas Chaises and Brown Table inside Breezy Apartment

Fertility Design has impressively composed a delicate apartment interior design for this contemporary apartment. Pale neutral hues were used for almost the entire part and it obviously produces an enchanting soft and serene atmosphere. Then, modern movable sliding walls were also installed in some parts, as a result it creates a spacious and integrated communal living space without losing intimate and private element. Those sliding walls were basically made from glass with sophisticated black frames. The owner will get a full privacy for some rooms such as the office room, living room and bedroom with those movable walls, as well as a wide atmosphere when the walls were lifted.

Primarily, the living room was developed near the office room. Through precise and well-formed apartment interior design ideas, the movable walls successfully separated those two rooms without decreasing the space. And with pale neutral palette for the wall and ceiling, both living room and office room appears so comfy and delightful. Warm wooden floor also escalates the sense of homey and it melodiously blends with the neutral hues of wall and ceiling for sure. And of course, floor to ceiling windows along with elegant beige curtains become the next alluring feature which makes the living room becomes absolutely stirring.

Fabulous Bedroom Details in the Breezy Apartment with Wooden Bed and Grey Quilt near Wooden Bench

The office room itself has a very minimalist yet modish decoration. With some glass cabinets and sturdy wooden table, this office emerges undoubtedly modern. Moreover, near the office, there is a lovely dining room which appears in light brown theme. Wooden dining table was arranged elegantly along with some chunky chairs and stylish crystal pendant lamps. Want to see more delicate decoration? The bedroom will hypnotize you in the very first time. Wooden accent from the floor, panels and cabinets blends with cream painted wall. The bed has sleek white bedcover and the presence of spherical pendant lamp makes this bedroom appears more elegant.

Fascinating Decor Details inside the Breezy Apartment with Grey Stone Wall and Wooden Shelf on it

In conclusion, this decoration successfully explores the beauty of neutral hues. Other affecting features such as movable sliding walls, integrated communal space and so on also become the proof that this illustration is really well-planned. To accumulate, this apartment decorating ideas archetype will be a promising reference for any owner who loves pale neutral hues and need some design adjustment suggestions in term of making spacious atmosphere for their residence.

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