Rustic Apartment Interior Wrapped in Contemporary and Traditional Accent

Chic Roc3 Apartment Design Interior in Kitchen Space with Concrete Flooring and White Cabinet Furniture Ideas  Nestled in Barcelona, this building has a nice apartment interior using the traditional and modern design. It seems like a beautiful collaboration between the two styles in one simple arrangement. It’s actually a renovation project. Instead of making a new modern apartment concept, the designer is still leaving its original shape and structure to create a beautiful design with modern appearance.

The bedroom is designed in roomy space. It’s united with the chic bathroom on there. The soft carpet with nice traditional pattern is completing the interior design. You also can see a nice window overlooking the situation around this house. This apartment interior design is conducting the minimalist architecture as its theme. Look at the fancy floor decoration using the brown texture on there. It looks shiny with some bright illumination from the natural sunlight. It seems like an old building with modern furniture.

Comfortable Roc3 Apartment Design Interior in Kitchen Space with White Cabinet Furniture and Concrete Flooring Ideas

Let’s move to living room. You will get some rectangular designs with nice appearance on there. It has a beautiful steel structure that make a sharp line on there. Right at the side of the living room, there is a modern kitchen using a traditional chair. This is enhancing the room situation with a good mixture theme. Well, you also can see from the picture that this apartment is also has a nice room division. It separated in such a conventional way using the solid wall on there. It gives private space with compact arrangement.

Cool Roc3 Apartment Design Interior in Bathroom Space with Contemporay Small Furniture Decoration

This apartment is a nice building with the good theme combination. There is a fresh design with fancy appearance on there. The bright interior design is also making a beautiful accent on the room interior. Simplicity with energetic nuance is the key of this apartment design. The designer is trying to visualize contemporary classic house. Grab these apartment interior design ideas and share your comment about it.

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