Design Your Own Room with IKEA Interior Planning Software

White and Grey Colored Bedroom with Grey Bedding and Dark Wood Cupboard Having Smalled Storage in front of it

Now you can be your own room designer with the design your own room IKEA planner. IKEA home planner is software allows you to simulate room design on your own and the steps are quite easy. You start by selecting the room you want to design. It may be the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom. After this, you continue by picking the room furniture that fits your preferred design theme.

Small Living Room with Indoor Fireplace in Sleek Lines with Sharp Design Shapes

After you decide which IKEA furniture to design your own room virtually, you can go to the nearest IKEA store and purchase the furniture. The planner software also allows you to choose the correct furniture dimensions to fit your room measurement. It makes it easy to ensure that the virtual furniture will fit in reality. Planning advice is also given by IKEA for all the products including design alternatives during the room arrangement. This is more effective than going directly to the IKEA store which will take a lot of energy and time. Although the software doesn’t allow downloads to your PC storage, it’s still worth the install.

Room Interior Furnished with IKEA wardrobe Making the Room to be Modern Relaxing Space

You can use this software to plan more than one room. The planner can also be divided so you can have separated designs. All IKEA products can be seen in the catalogs.

Luxurious Modern Living Area with Rustic Tower Style made from Brick and Natural Stoned Floor

The system requirements for this IKEA software are easily available for almost all PC operating systems. All major browsers are also capable of  operating this software application. IKEA is one of the few furniture companies that makes it possible for you to design your own room online for free.

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