Unique Minimalist Wooden House for Natural and Spacious Room

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If you like a simple design and sustainable material for your home, the minimalist wooden house can be your best choice. Many people love minimalist design because you can get a great look without being required to provide larger space. Combined with the sustainable material, like wood, your home will make a unique residence that shows respect to the nature. The indoor and outdoor design uses only a minimal approach for the detail and material.

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The glass wall and patio makes your home got a maximum sun light and enables you to have a closer connection to the surrounding nature. To bring the nature into your rooms, almost all items are made from wood panels. Walls, beds, fire place, cabinets, and doors are made of the same material. To get some inspiration, you can check out some minimalist wooden house design on the websites.

Each room in the house has the same color combination: black, light brown, white, and grey. The living room, for example, has a set of dark grey sofa, a grey carpet, light brown wall and fire place, and also white wall, round pendant lamps, and book shelf. Another corner of the house has a light brown book shelf, a black fire place, white wall and ceiling, and grey floor and stairs. The same color combination makes the entire house looks clean and spacious.

Fantastic Home 09 I29 Interior Architects Design in Bedroom Space with Modular Modern Furniture Decoration Ideas

The materials being used and the design of the furniture also take a role in enhancing the minimalist theme. You need to think thoroughly about the function of your furniture since everything that is not really needed should be removed. You need to choose the most functional furniture you can get. The design needs also be taken into consideration. Get the one with a simpler design. Take a look at some examples of minimalist wood house design for further inspiration.

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