Designs for kids’ beds

loft bed for children animal theme

When purchasing beds for children there are certain considerations that should be made.  Kids usually have specific preferences and requirements which will determine the most suitable kind of bed to acquire . Children’s beds should be both attractive and functional.  Comfort is also an important factor.  There are plenty of design ideas to choose from and they include:

fantasy shipwreck kids bed

Loft beds

Loft beds are raised high and the bottom part can serve as another bunk, a couch, playhouse or desk.  There are many variations of loft beds and you could also decide to design a custom bed to suit the child’s preference.  Loft beds offer a feeling of playfulness and add character to a child’s room.

loft bed farm theme

Fantasy beds

Children tend to have very active imaginations and it is possible to use their fantasies as the basis for a unique bed design. Themes such as castles, cars, mermaids and animals can be used to design kids’ beds.  A good example for a girl’s bed design is the dollhouse theme which is quite poplar.  Boys usually go for themes such as spaceships or cars.

fantasy car bed

spaceship fantasy bed

Storage beds

Kids usually have toys and other Knick knacks which require a significant amount of storage area.  Beds with plenty of compartments are suitable in this case because they are act as functional pieces of furniture. The compartments are usually beneath or on the sides of storage beds. Apart from compartments, the beds could also be installed with shelves, dressers and even a desk.  Storage beds are great space savers especially in small rooms that cannot accommodate stand-alone storage space.

kids storage bed

kids storage bed wood

kids storage bed cabinets

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