DIY Tips for Home Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Using Squeegee

For many people window cleaning can be considered their least favorite chore and is often avoided or put off until it is absolutely required.  It is a job that required much perseverance and keenness.  Here are a couple of tips that you should consider to make window cleaning easier and more tolerable.

Homemade Window Cleaning Solution

Most people simply spray the window panes with window cleaning solution and use paper towels to clean. This is a quick method that may sometimes be effective but in most cases, it tends to leave some residue streaks on the window panes that can be quite unsightly.

Window Cleaning Solution

Before cleaning windows you need to first use a dry cloth to wipe the window panes. This will do away with any excess dust.  If you do not want to use any commercial window cleaning solutions simply mix one tablespoon of ordinary detergent and equal portions of vinegar, rubbing alcohol and ammonia. Put the mix in a spray bottle.  The ammonia will help in getting rid of dirt and scum while the vinegar will leave your windows streak-free.  Instead of using paper towels to wipe off the homemade cleaning solution, use a soft cloth.

Window Cleaning

Try and do the cleaning in the evening when there is less direct sunlight.  Strong sunlight often dries out the solution and may leave unsightly streaks.

Streak Free Window Cleaning

DIY Window Cleaner

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