Mini Makeover for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a necessity of life, yet we can make them pleasant rooms with an easy Mini Makeover with 5 fresh ideas.  Depending on how much work you want to put into your project, there are many ideas for enlivening the bathroom.  Bathrooms are generally one of the smallest rooms in the home.  Therefore, it is easier to change the look from time to time. Reasonable costs for these changes are always possible.


The first idea for the mini makeover of your bathroom is to change the paint color.  Vibrant, brights hues work well for those who would like a bit of pizzazz in the room.  Soft, warm tones are excellent for those who want a relaxing atmosphere, particularly for a perfect bubble bath.


The second idea is to change out the vanity.  Choices of free-standing vanities have become extraordinarily popular. The upscale look of the vanity as a nice piece of furniture rather than a built-in cabinet is appealing.  Although, built-in cabinet vanities can get a new look with a fresh coat of paint, a new counter-top installation.


A new sink rolls into the second idea of a new vanity to update your bathroom.  In choosing a sink when installing a new counter-top, as well, gives a myriad of choices.  You may choose a traditional style set-in sink, an apron front sink, a trough sink, or a free standing sink in round, oval, or square bowl form that rests on top of the counter.


A third idea in changing your sink or keeping your current sink will be to invest in new sink water faucets.  Size, shape, faucet design and color are some of the factors to consider when purchasing new faucets.  Some faucets are traditional, and some are elongated for further reach.  Knobs for the faucet water valves can vary in color and shape, also.


Faucets come in many colors, such as silver stainless steel, bronze, nickel, copper, gold, black, or white. Finishes on the faucets can be polished, brushed, or matte depending on your personal preferences.  Just be sure to change out tub faucet fixtures in addition to the sink’s for a matching coordinating style.


The fourth idea is a combination of simply purchasing a new shower curtain, new rugs, new towels, and new coordinating bathroom essentials such as a toothbrush holder, a tumbler, a soap/lotion holder or dispenser, a waste can, and towels.  Purchasing new towel racks can also be a bathroom essential that can be changed.  These items can be changed as frequently as you would like to coordinate with your current or new style of bathroom decor.


Finally, a fifth idea is to change wall decor. Adding a new picture or a floral arrangement to the wall with a theme that matches your bathroom decor can put the finishing touch on your mini makeover. Changing the wall mirror is also a quick way to enhance the design of your bathroom.  Any or all of these ideas make a bathroom mini makeover fun, fulfilling, and cost effective. Happy Bathroom Mini Makeover!


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