Elegant Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets with Timeless Charm

Angelic Design of Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets with Short Bar Stool also Arch Table Lamp

When it comes to Italian style kitchen cabinets, Tuscany or Mediterranean style is probably what first pops in your mind. After all, both regions are known for their classic and delicious cuisine, in addition to the hospitality of their inhabitants. Highly recommended to make any upscale kitchen interior more amazing and inviting, Italian style kitchen design and its remarkable cabinet design is what we will briefly discuss below.

Angelic Interior Decoration for Italian Style Kitchen cabinets using Dark Backsplash also Minimalist Table Set

Color makes the remarkable or trademark feature of Italian kitchen design, including in Tuscan kitchen cabinets. The colors are often resulted from staining the main cabinet material: wood. High quality woods, such as maple or cherry, are what are used to construct Italian kitchen cabinets. Stained, the wood cabinets can showcase rich brown colors to resemble the natural feel while portraying the sophisticated elegance. The rests of the space are also covered in nature-inspired colors, such as vibrant hues of Mediterranean Sea and earthy shades like terracotta and burnt orange.

Contemporary Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets in White L-Shape Design using Chic Countertop and Backsplash

It is also common for the cabinets to feature raised panels on cabinet doors, in addition to decorative wood accents such as ornate cornices, hoods, and shelves. On the other hand, glass-paneled cabinet doors are also common in Italian kitchens. After all, remember that Italy is a country that appreciates eating and cooking as an art form. And with glass cabinet doors, it’s common for homeowners to display their spices, cookware, and even food as accessories to appeal both eye and tummy. The wood cabinetry is also often complemented with ornate metals such as brass, copper, bronze, and iron to induce the Mediterranean feel. Other elements to complement the ornate details and rich tones are rustic or Italian tile work.

Unique Italian Style Kitchen Cabinets also Brick Wall Decor plus Attractive Ceiling Lamps Design

However, rich browns aren’t the only popular color among Italian cabinet designs. Colors such as deep greens and reds are also favorable, either as colors for painted kitchen cabinet ideas or as decorative accents to recall the warmth of Tuscany feel.

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