Enhancing your Work Efficiency at Home with Indoor Plants

Plants Indoor
We all love plants, but not all of us consider having them in our houses. However, plants can offer a great deal of advantages when you choose the right indoor varieties. It may come as a surprise to many but studies have shown that plants are able to help boost efficiency in indoor spaces. Many workplaces around the world have adapted this concept to help improve the output of employees.


The main concept behind this efficiency theory is that plants produce more oxygen and take up carbon di- oxide hence creating a favorable climatic balance that is beneficial for the human brain. The same case applies to home. If you have interior foliage in your home it will help purify the air, creating a healthy environment that will keep you energized.

If you have a home office, consider one or more indoor plants. The healthy environment and pleasant aroma is likely to keep you alert and focused as you go about your tasks. Studies have further shown that having indoor plants helps reduce the chances of contracting Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). This condition is characterized by symptoms such as headaches, stress, and other health issues that are attributed to toxic materials present in building materials. Plants can,therefore, help lower chances of reduced productivity as a result of SBS.

Indoor Plants

There are plenty of indoor plant varieties to choose from including aloe vera, peace lily, money plant rubber plant among many others. Make sure that you consult with an expert before acquiring a specific variety.

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