Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas for Classic House Interior

Creative Traditional Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Fireplace mantel is very famous when we talking about the anatomy of the fireplace itself. The best fireplace mantel design ideas are the molded mantel and the rocky mantel. This kind of fireplace mantel offers stiffness and boldness. This kind of fireplace is rigid and sturdy, but elegant and luxurious. You can be throwback memories of the late 1950s when the fireplace is very famous across Europe. So, we can say that fireplace is the compulsory element of the rustic house in Europe.

Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas: Materials

Epic Classic Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

The natural stone mantel is very famous in fireplace mantel design ideas. The rigidity is the best choice, and its durability in the firebox is unquestionable. The soot and the culms are naturally voided since it is just a natural rock. You can optimize granite, marble, diorite, or limestone. The harder the material the best effect it can produce. Another type of stone fireplace mantel is the brick mantel. The brick fireplace mantel is very often in Mexican rustic kitchen. The red color of the brick brings heat atmosphere that Mexican people loves so much. The other type is the tiled fireplace. This type is very unique and artistic, best-suited for the contemporary personality.

Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas: Purpose

Interesting Traditional Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

The purpose of fireplace mantel design ideas is quite a lot. The molded mantel provides some small amount of wide on top of it and can be used for anything. The most common are for placing candle, photo of the deceased family or the family tree, the collections of your hobby, the flower decoration in a small vase, and many more. The conclusion of the mantel decorating ideas is to show what you are keen in the shape of your interior in your daily basis to your visitor.

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