Fireplace Tile Design Ideas on the Mantel and Hearth

Epic Contemporary Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

The most common design of fireplace is the rocky style or the brick style that is very conventional and so medieval. Instead of making the molded mantel, it is a new trend of fireplace tile design ideas just by make a mantel and hearth part with tiles. The hearth part is important to put the logs before it come to the firebox, so it is not make any dirt in your floor.

Fireplace Tile Design Ideas: Types

Many tiles that you can found start from the ordinary tile, the damasked tile, the hexagonal tile, until the rock textured tile. The choice of the fireplace tile design ideas depends on your personality or theme you chose. Elegant theme tends to have the dark colored tiles. Cheerful personal tend to have a bright and vivid color like red, yellow, or the patterned bright color. Naturalist tends to have natural rock textured tiles where they can enjoy the climate of the fireplace mantels like they used to do. Mexican infected personal tends to enjoy the blue tile with Mayan painting on it. The entire mantel tiles usually the same with the hearth tiles, because it is so vague if you combine it differently.

Marvelous Grey Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Fireplace Tile Design Ideas: No need molded fireplace

Pretty Classic Fireplace Tile Design Ideas

Thinking again about the contemporary fireplace tile design, at certain point it is more economical because you are need not to make any mold. In the other hand the cons are, it will be slightly less majestic compared to the molded one, and you cannot place anything on the top of the mantel. The only way in this fireplace tile design ideas is just by hanging any kind of stuff on top of the firebox or make it empty for any decorations. But, if you combine both, it will be so amazing. The tile mantel and the molded mantel are very intriguing. The tile mantel is in the interior, and the molded one is the posterior, so you still can put anything on the top of the molded one.

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