Basic Facts about Carbonized Bamboo Furniture

Carbonized Bamboo Folding Chair

If you’re looking for eco-friendly furniture for your home, you could consider going for carbonized bamboo fixtures. Carbonized bamboo is similar to several varieties of hardwood and this means that it is a durable material that is suitable for various types of furniture including tables, chairs and many more.

So what exactly makes carbonized bamboo eco-friendly? Well Bamboo is a natural form of grass that grows into thick hard stalks when mature.  Unlike trees that take quite a number of years to re-grow, new bamboo stalks grow quite fast after harvesting. This means that bamboo trees cannot be depleted as fast as other forms of hardwood and softwood trees.

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring and Table

How is it carbonized? Bamboo furniture basically comes in two different finishes which are natural and carbonized.  Most bamboo furniture is natural however, in some cases the bamboo wood can be darkened through an intricate process of steaming.  This is done in a steam bath where the sugars in the bamboo material are broken down resulting in a color change.

Why carbonize? Well, the main reason for carbonization of bamboo is to change the color of the raw material.  Natural bamboo usually has a light finish while bamboo that has been carbonized is darker in color.

Carbonized Bamboo Floor and Furniture

Carbonized Bamboo Dining Set

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