First Rocking Chair by Muller Van Severen

First Rocking Chair

Before coming up with the concept of the First Rocking Chair, Hans Van Severen and Fien Muller studied the lifestyles of individuals who live and work together. This was the inspiration behind this innovative rocking chair that consists of a powder coated steel frame with a slung seat made out of natural hide. The design is minimalistic yet exquisite. This chair can be used either indoors out outdoors and blends in well in varied surroundings

The First Rocking Chair comes is several structural variations including a double chair that allows two people to recline side by side. For the avid reader there is a model that comes complete with several shelves which is ideal for book storage.those who are particular about color, the First Rocking Chair comes in a variety of colors ranging from toned down earthy shades to vibrant hues that could brighten up any space.

First Rocking Chair in Pink

One of the major advantages of this piece of furniture is the fact that it is light and can be easily moved around without taking your back out. This is thanks to the light steel frame which is light but sturdy. One thing’s for sure, the First Rocking Chair is definitely a welcome change from the old school granny-esque rocking chairs.

First Rocking Chair in Yellow

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