Frank Boca Do Lobo chest of drawers – Style and functionality


Nothing oozes elegance more than an antique-style chest of drawers and when it comes to designing this piece of furniture one brand that definitely stands out is the Frank Boca Do Lobo chest of drawers. This classy room accessory adds a dash of style to any indo  or space in addition to acting as a functional fixture. The detachable drawers can comfortably store away items such as jewelry, trinkets, items of clothing and books while still keeping up the appearance of the room. Once detached, each of the drawers can be used as standalone fixture but to get the full effect of the unit, the individual drawers can be stacked on top of each other in a cascading form.


The Frank Boca Do Lobo Chest of Drawers has been individually crafted with finely cured wood covered in radiant, lacquers and metallic leafs.  Glass fittings and mirrors have been masterfully incorporated into the structure to create a wonderful glowing effect.  This has been further enhanced with luminous textures that have been used to create a polished finish.


This chest of drawers comes in a set of nine drawers; each handcrafted and uniquely designed to befit the Boca Do Lobo limited edition portfolio. The inspiration for the design of the drawers was drawn from a landscape portrait by Frank Lloyd Wright titled Falling Water. The resultant effect of the elegant design and expert finish is an artistic collection that will surely improve the aesthetics of any room. Who says storage areas can’t be classy. Are you ready to add class to your living space? If so, why not try out this chic chest of drawers?

frank lobo stunning-chest-of-drawers-wood-01

chest of drawers close-up


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