Great decorative flower vase designs

  • Square vase

White Square Vases

This is the ideal vase if you intend to place a wide berthed bouquet. The give adequate room for the flowers to spread out well without being constricted. Square vases also offer a welcome change from the conventional cylindrical varieties.

  • Tapered neck cylinder

Tapered Neck Vase

This is a suitable choice if the flowers you want to display are long and slim. It helps accentuate the long flowers with its minimalist look.

  • Grecian urn

Grecian Urn Vase

This vase has an antique look and is reminiscent of the Victorian era.  It is beautifully sculpted and usually has elegant handles which are both decorative and functional.

  • Classic porcelain vase

Porcelain Vase

This is the more conventional choice of vase and it has a timeless design. It usually has a tapered neck and wider base which gives an elegant curvy shape.

  • Crystal vase

This is a see-through vase which often incorporates some decorative designs; either structural or artistic.

Porcelain Vase


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