Home Library Design Ideas for the Book Lovers

Fantastic Large Home Library Design Ideas

If you are the fans of JK Rowling and all of her Harry Potter series you must not get rid all of her majestic work right? You must have a mini library in a form of bookshelves on your own bedroom. But, if you have a zillion of books of all genres, how can you possibly load in into just a one bookshelf? In the plethora of your books, you need to build a library following our home library design ideas in your home.

Home Library Design Ideas: Library in Every Corner

The more we know about the home library design ideas; we should build many racks along the home. Every corner is valuable for the bookshelf to be located. Start from the middle of the family room, the dividers, the living room, beside your fireplace, the upstairs, the under stairs, the rotating door, the bedroom, even you can place some in your bathroom. The under stairs home library bookshelves can be so intriguing and unique. People tend to have wine silo in their under stairs, so it will so cool because you are anti-mainstream.

Interesting Classic Home Library Design Ideas

Home Library Design Ideas: Modern Design

Pretty Small Home Library Design Ideas

In the modern time home library design ideas like today, the shape of the library is not must in rectangular shaped bookshelves. The modern home library design is tend to be so angular or incline in some angles. So it is more dynamics than the old one. If you decided to create one big room with bookshelves on every sides, we suggest you to put big comfy sofa in the middle so you can read those books there, even you can sleep with your book too if you desired.

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