How to Make a Wool Accent Rug Work for Your Space

Wool Blend Rug

When searching for a rug, we are often drawn toward those that have great feel and texture. Wool accent rugs have excellent texture and can greatly improve the appearance of any room in your home. They come in various styles, shapes and with varied patterns.

The size of your wool accent rug should be determined by the size of room as well as you own personal preference. You may want just a small bedside rug or opt for a large piece that covers a large part of the room. You should not worry about wear and tear of wool rugs because they are quite sturdy. You can therefore use them in high traffic areas such as the entryway.

Wool Area Rug

Accent wool rugs are largely considered esthetic accessories and they are portable too, which means you can move them to a different place if you wish. Placing wool rugs in your home can definitely enhance the look of a space.

Wool Accent Rug

West Elm Mini Pebble Wool Rug

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