It’s a Boy! Here Are Some Room Ideas for a Newborn

Baby Boy Nursery

After plenty of physical and mental preparation, the arrival of a baby is a happy occasion. You have to ensure that the baby has a suitable baby room, which is essential for the baby’s growth. The ambiance and décor of the room should reflect the gender of the child and should be warm and inviting. Here are a couple of tips to consider when decorating your newborn boy’s room.

Safety First
You need to make sure that the room is completely childproof. No sharp toys or rough-edged objects should be allowed in the room. The room should also be kept tidy and clean at all times. Refrain from using decorative pillows that may cause suffocation. Supplies should be stored away in a drawer.

Color Palette
It is common to decorate a boy’s bedroom blue but you do not have to restrict yourself to this color theme. You can be creative and use your imagination to come up with an interesting color scheme. For instance, if you settle on blue you can combine various shades and tints such as turquoise, aqua, and cobalt. You could also integrate other colors to add a vibrant feel such as green, brown, yellow or red.

Blue and Green Color Theme

This is the focal point of any baby room since it is where the baby sleeps. It is basically the center of attraction. You could choose a crib cum cradle that can be detached when not in use. This is both functional and aesthetic. If you want to make the crib more vibrant you could add some embellishments such as animal motifs, sporty designs or other striking designs.

Crib Design

Wall Art
Look for vibrant wall decals to bring the walls to life. For boys, designs such as cars, sports team logos or superheroes are ideal. These decals can either be bought or painted.

Creative Wall Art

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