The Most Important Thing to Consider When Decluttering

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The process of keeping a home organized is not always a simple process.  This often leads to unnecessary accumulation of stuff. The most obvious solution for clutter is to throw away, sell or give donate.  This is all well good, and should be encouraged; however, the key thing is to find out what causes the accumulation.  For instance, if you find out that you have a lot of faulty electronic devices, you should find out if you buy cheap substandard products. Next time you’re shopping for a device you will consider going for a higher quality item that will last longer. If you tend to buy items just because they are on sale it may be time to take radical steps to rein in any impulsive tendencies.

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Once you are able to control the inflow of items while having a system of disposal, you can easily put clutter in check.  Taking time to understand the origins of your clutter is the first and most important step toward decluttering.

before and after decluttering

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