Improve your Attic Using Feng Shui


Are you having problems organizing stuff in your attic? Don’t worry; this is a common problem that affects many people. If all other organization methods have failed, you may want to give Feng Shui a chance. This ancient art can help you make proper use of your attic and create a positive energy. To begin the process you will need to engage in the process of organizing and sorting. Here are some of the steps to incorporating Feng Shui in your attic.

attic storage
• Add patterns to the space by using storage bins with color codes
• Try as much as possible to use wooden items for work related furniture
• Use fiery colors like red and orange for storing costumes and seasonal decorations
• Use earthy colors for personal colors as well as household items
• Use metallic fixtures for creative items
• Ensure that all your storage bins are mothproof, bug proof and rodent proof
• Legibility and accessibility are vital in creating a positive energy within the space
• Keep the lights soft and ensure that you can regulate them using remote control or timers
• Lastly, ensure that you maintain a inventory of all the items for reference and access

attic color coded storage

decorative attic storage

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