Feng Shui Ideas for Your Living Room

Chic Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui ideas seek to create a serene, peaceful, and inviting living room where one can have complete relaxation. It is a perfect place to re-energize after work or a long weekend. Here are the main Feng Shui ideas for your living room that you should consider.

Arrangement of furniture

Feng Shui Living Room Furniture Placement
Make sure that the bigger furniture is fitted first. The main sofas should sit adjacent to the wall while the smaller one can be placed next to the window. Remember that when you relax in the living room, you should be able to see the door to avoid any surprises. A mirror can also be placed strategically to enable you to see the door from the comfort of your sofa. Ample space should be left for smooth movement and potted plants added to facilitate energy flow.

Select an appropriate focal point to place an aquarium

Feng Shui Living Room Aquarium Placement
An aquarium in the living room provides you with joy, relaxation and sense of style. If the aquarium is rectangular or square in shape, a southeast position would be more ideal. According to ancient Feng Shui principles this will give you good luck in career development and maintained a flow of income.

Living room decor

Chic Feng Shui Living Room
Feng Shui decorating principles suggest that mirrors should be hanged well to bring out a sense of depth. They should be affixed on walls or furniture to help enhance movement of energy. For additional décor, green plants, flowers arrangement, and lighting create a pleasing atmosphere when relaxing in the living room. The plants and flowers should be positioned at points where they are easily visible in order to bring out a sense of harmony with other installations.

Bookcases and book shelves

Feng Shui Book Shelf
It is said that if books are left on open shelves, they can create depression, bad mood and even illness. Place wooden shelves to the central, north-eastern or south-western sections of the living room.

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